Have you heard of Sama Eyewear?  Even if you haven’t, you’ve probably seen it without knowing it.  Look through any gossip magazine and you’ll see A-list celebrities wearing it in their candid shots.  Reese, J-Lo, Brad, Cameron, Charlize,  and the list goes on.  If you’ve seen the movies Terminator 3 or Mission Impossible 3, then you’ve definitely seen Sama sunglasses.  Yes, those famous sunglasses that Ahhhhnold Schwarzenegger wore in T-3 are from Sama.


I’m in love with Sama Eyewear, and have been a huge fan for many years.  I love their designs and the impeccable craftsmanship.  These frames are built to last with high quality materials, and even their cases come in stylish designs.  I own 5 sunglasses by Sama that are all very different, but all are timeless classics.  They are part of my wardrobe, and they can instantly change my overall look.  I have 2 glasses by Sama, and I loved the one with pink frames so much that I had them replace my prescription lens with clear lens after I had my LASIK procedure, so that I can still wear them.

Sama eyewear

Sama eyewear

Sama eyewear

Sama eyewear

One of my very close friends works for Sama, and I frequently visit her at the West Hollywood head office and showroom.  This is where celebrities go for their private fittings.  On this particular day, she was working at the Beverly Hills retail store, so I went to check out the store in search for another cool pair of sunglasses to add to my collection. The store is in the heart of Beverly Hills, close to Rodeo Drive.

Sama interior

Sama interior

The interior of the store is very clean, white, and spacious.  I love the natural light that comes in through the front window.  There are small crystal chandeliers by the front window that shine rainbow patterns onto the wall. The wall paper is handmade with intricate hand drawn patterns and designs.  If you look closely, sometimes you can see figures in interesting kama sutra positions (no joke!  See for yourself.  It was done intentionally)



A lot of the popular and new designs are displayed in glass cases, recessed shelves, or on glass tables.  However, you can see their entire collection in all of the numerous drawers in the cabinets.  I felt like a kid in a candy store, opening all of the drawers and trying everything on.


I love how the store has different kinds of mirrors to check yourself out in.  They have a full length mirror, a large wall mirror, a small face mirror, and a hand held mirror.  This made the whole shopping experience really fun too.

On top of the classic Sama designs, they also have a Badgley Mischka and Loree Rodkin Eye Couture collection.  Badgley Mischka is known for their intricate and gorgeous couture gowns that celebrities often wear on the red carpet.  Loree Rodkin creates rocker chic jewelry, and one of her famous signature designs is the rhinestone skull and bones.  You can see this, among other rhinestone motifs, on the sunglasses in her collaboration line.

Loree Rodkin

Loree Rodkin

After hours of deliberating with my friend and the other store consultant, the verdict is in.


The Monaco design in Rose.  The same one that Jennifer Aniston wears.  Tom Cruise has it in black, and Charlize has it in gold.  Coooool.

Random trivia: Did you know that in the United States every 14 minutes someone loses, breaks or sits on a pair of sunglasses?

3 thoughts on “Sama

  1. I enjoyed learning about this brand which I did not know of… I was thinking of getting a pair in Europe, but I suppose it’s an American brand?

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